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Equine Therapy


A co-creative process at its best


Experiential Therapy is beneficial for emotional healing, personal development and expansion. It uses the horse's innate ability to mirror ourselves, and assists us to better understand our relationships to ourselves and others.

Equine Therapy offers a one-to-one connection, and activity-related healing that quickly promotes wellness, both physical and emotional.


*All equine sessions are “on-the-ground” with no riding. Also, no experience with horses is necessary.

Equine Therapy Benefits

Individuals, young and old, families, couples or groups - Equine Therapy is a model using a hands-on approach where clients are given the space to project and analyze their situations, make connections, and find their own solutions.



Equine Therapy offers a natural bond that creates a sense of security and confidence. Children are especially receptive to Equine Therapy. Jill has witnessed the child-horse relationship that occurs on contact. A special bond is formed. The presence of a horse, a massive animal, eliminates intimidation, while helping to take control of one’s life, improving self-esteem and self-confidence.


PTSD, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, grief, depression

A horse's highly sensitive state of being allows it to read energy, and body language easily and effortlessly, making horses the optimum healing partner. They help people move past their limitations and beyond. Equine Therapy positively affects those who suffer with one or more mental distractions. Veterans or those in the military with PTSD, for example, find a release, as this type of therapy shifts grief from unpleasant experiences, death, or other trauma. Those affected may find the relief that they need from this type of care. (PTSD touches civilians as well.)


Family and Corporate Team Building

A horse has an innate ability to mirror and demonstrate relationship and new ways of communicating, which are important factors in team building for both families and organizations.


Companies turn to Jill for equine activities in assisting and improving employee engagement for their workforce. Families and business teams enjoy working through problems quickly and finding lasting solutions. Jill is always eager to introduce her horses to colleagues and clients where she creates a friendly team-building environment.


Jill reflects “The depth of experience that is achieved while working with the horses is profound. Solutions to problems manifest easily and you have access to your soul’s desires.” One of Jill’s specialties lies within the intensity of work that she executes with her clients. Jill can help people access parts of themselves that have been dormant for years.

Jill’s Equine Therapy team

Jill is a certified Eagala practitioner and Equestrian. With a passion to assist others to gain greater personal understanding and empowerment, Jill is blessed to work with several amazing equine partners as part of her expanding practice. Jill and her team offer an effective, thoughtful approach while serving their clients. With horses present, and, although clients will not be on horseback, their safety is of the highest priority. Sessions are “rich and full” as Jill and her equine specialist provides two sets of eyes for meticulous attention to detail for optimum safety and security, as well as the opportunity for additional insight and feedback.

Supporting Women

Jill, an advocate for women, works to help other females find their unique voice in creating a realization that they are strong and possess unbridled potential and inspiration. These women can stand and say, “I have value” and express their passion. Supporting women in their individual roles inspires Jill to encourage all women to be ever-present in all that they do and express themselves in a clear, concise and powerful way.

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