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Jill Mattesich-Udoutch

is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist with Integrative Counseling Services. Jill leads people through their unique healing process using healing modalities such as:


A big believer of finding the truth within, Jill supports a nurturing environment for self-discovery by using the power of the unconscious mind. Jill is a qualified therapist and holds a clinical psychology degree from John F Kennedy University and Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification from HCH Institute for Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Jill is very familiar with different walks of life as she has spent over 15 years counseling at college campuses, elementary schools, community centers and private practice. Prior to starting her counseling business, Jill spent 12 years in the food industry utilizing her degree in Nutritional Science. This experience adds to Jill's holistic counseling approach, as she herself has made significant changes in her own life.

From Jill...

"It is my deepest desire to help people discover the wisdom, light and truth inside themselves. I am very empathetic and can relate to having felt deep pain. I have also felt the strength from owning my center or balance point in life; like a perfectly centered vessel on a potter's wheel.

My journey has revealed many truths along the way. My God-given spirit allows me to channel the Divine feminine, the energy of Divine Love and compassion.

       Those who seek, shall find;

      Those who ask shall receive. . .

       What is your desire or intention?

                Come . . .

...find your balance point within...gain freedom from letting go of untruth.


...allow stress, anxiousness, and fear to melt away."

“Sometimes one finds just the right fit for a therapist, and for me that has been with Jill. She challenges me at the right times and assists in guiding me when the opportunities present themselves. I have seen Jill on and off for several years. I took a break, but found myself happily returning to her with a huge sense of relief that she was still practicing and had availability. Is therapy always fun? No, but Jill makes the journey less painful." —S. F.”

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