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From Jill's Clients...

"She really blessed my life. It'll change my life forever."

—Barbara H. of Pleasanton, California

"Jill has guided me using many of the tools she has, including sand play. I really love using her sand play tray and objects. It provides a hands-on and visual way for me to see what I have on my heart.  I can really create on the outside, what I feel on the inside, in my heart. The objects can reflect my feelings, and they really call to me. Jill's guidance has been so very beautiful and meaningful to me."

Anonymous, Pleasanton, California.

My experience with Jill and her horses was a tremendous opportunity to feel and witness myself.The horses are so intuitive and holy in their presence. I was able to lay with one and it allowed me to drape my body over him, another one was playful and attempting to grab and bite my jacket, and let me dance with him, which was soooo fun. I feel like I was seen, felt and known by them. A miracle was experienced that words cannot convey. Jill has a keen awareness of when to offer support and when to stay back and allow. I appreciate her role in the experience and the thoughtful and provocative questions that arise from her witness. Thank you Jill, I feel excited to share this therapy with people!

—Michelle Walker

"I had the opportunity to work with Jill through horse therapy. It was such a profound experience. I was able to get out of my head, and into the moment with the horses. I did not know how the horses would act or respond, so I did not have time to worry about myself. My attention was on understanding and getting to know the horses. The magical thing about horses is they know all about you. They can sense you. They know when you are afraid of them, they know if you are angry, they know if you are sad, they also know when you are happy and playful. They are able to pick up the field of energy that you send out! So they were a great mirror to allow me to see how I was being. From them, I could sense that I was a little scared! As one of the lessons, Jill asked our group of women if we can get the horses to move in a certain direction. I was not being very authoritative, and I definitely did not get them to move because I was a little afraid! I was able to see this about me. In a very interesting way, the horses helped me to be more fully present and confident in my own body. I had no idea that was what I needed. Only the horses were able to teach me this!" 

—Teresa T. Shen, L.Ac

CEO/ Master of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Eastern Medical Center

"What an organic way to experience myself.   Horse therapy, without talking!  


Knowing that horses can feel when your afraid, I took a few deep breathes and sent love to the horses that were so much bigger than me.   I did not approach them, one of them came to me and it allowed me to surrender into trusting the horse at the same time "trusting myself". 

It was a very deep and enlightening experience in my whole body, mind and spirit." 

—Lia Venet  

"I first met Jill in 2004 and ever since this time she has remained constant in her spirit and commitment to young girls and their developing esteems.


Jill is steady and calm, regardless of the changes in life that come about. The particular quality she owns "a Peace that breathes Love" instantly transforms my space and time with her. With Jill I can be honest, tearful, and joyful, whatever it is I need to express.


I received a Reiki treatment (Reiki isn't a lot of physical touching) from Jill at a time I was in need of a sexual healing, at a time that being touched was very intimidating and scary. I was nervous, however was able to let go and allow myself to receive the blessings of the treatment. During the treatment and afterwards I felt safe. A peaceful centeredness and the dignity I gained, ruled.


I have complete faith that whatever Jill enters upon will be met with surety given her absolute highest regard and complete professionalism. Her commitment to young girls and their developing esteems is a gift. I recommend Jill to adults as well as children to seek out their journey in becoming whole." 

—Joan Joyce Hollinsworth

"In the few years I have known Jill, I have trusted her completely for therapeutic work. Her integrative approach to healing and especially her facilitation with the work and equine-assisted personal learning has been a profound experience. The process continues after the sessions for deep and joyful connections in many areas of my life. I’m very grateful to Jill for her presence and compassion."

—Kathy Lorenz, CST-D, CaCMT

"I would like to extend an enthusiastic thank you for the meditative CD. Your recording has allowed me to settle into the meditative world with a welcome sense of well being. Many Thank yous. Also, your excellent diagnosis followed by the introduction of EFT has proven to have long term benefits. I was more than surprised at how quickly the technique worked and since that time, I have not experienced any relapse into that most unpleasant and quite counterproductive mode. . .hip hip hurray, Thank you once again."

—Lee Bennett

"Jill brings a loving spirit and gentle presence into every encounter. Her commitment to her own healing journey speaks of her courage and willingness to access, learn, and share with others the deepest truth of who we are as divine beings having a human experience. Jill brings patience, compassion and inspired insight to her work with others. I highly recommend her work. And particularly if you enjoy animals, you’ll discover the gentle therapeutic benefits of the horse therapy she offers."

—Janet Myatt, MA

Janet Myatt Intuitive Services

"Jill's counseling help has made a profound, positive difference in how I view myself and my problems."

— Anonymous

"I went to Jill not knowing exactly what I wanted but knew I needed calm in my life. It was also my first visit. I was so taken by Jill's presence; her own calm and respectful demeanor immediately put me at ease. After our conversation, Reiki is what I opted for. What an amazing process. I left my session feeling completely relaxed and revitalized. Jill is truly a gifted and intuitive healer. I also love the physical location of her practice. It's in a peaceful, restorative environment among redwoods. I'm grateful to have found her and will return for future Reiki sessions."

—Yvonne Miller

"Jill is a dedicated intuitive healer with a calming presence that brings you in touch with your higher self using different modalities; for me, it was hypnosis. I would highly recommend Jill for her compassionate and trustworthy spirit, that works along with yours, so you can reach your highest potential."

—Cindy K, San Ramon, CA

"Jill is a skilled and intuitive therapist who is committed to her own evolution as a woman and guide for others. She is the embodiment of the most important elements of a therapist: presence, compassion and empowerment. I highly recommend her and her work."

—Holly Holmes-Meredith

D. Min., MFT

Clinical Director HCH Institute

"Sometimes one finds just the right fit for a therapist, and for me that has been with Jill. She challenges me at the right times and assists in guiding me when the opportunities present themselves. I have seen Jill on and off for several years. I took a break, but found myself happily returning to her with a huge sense of relief that she was still practicing and had availability. Is therapy always fun? No, but Jill makes the journey less painful."

—S. F.

"I can take the feeling with me wherever I go. I'm feeling like it's safe again to be in my body. The session was very empowering. It empowered me. It put me back in the driver's seat. I can't drive, but I can have dominion over my life. I have dominion over my body, mind and soul. I feel so liberated since the car accident, 18 months ago. I feel liberated...not in pain."


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