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A Different Approach to Therapy

Where Your Whole Self is Engaged in the Healing Process
Jill Mattesich-Udoutch helps you achieve results through her creative use of traditional and advanced therapeutic modalities that enable you to make impactful changes in your life, offering more clarity and freedom, ultimately leading to the changes you desire.

Integrative Counseling | Holistic Therapy | Alternative Counseling
Individual, Family, Couple or Children
Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, fears, or just feeling stuck?

Are you overwhelmed from the demands of life?

Are you open to discover new possibilities in your life?

Instead of putting band aids on problems and treating only the symptoms, get to the root of the problem so you can:

  • Experience freedom & peace in your life

  • See new possibilities and act on them

  • Gain clarity from feeling the wisdom and power within yourself

  • Lead a fuller & richer life

Jill Mattesich-Udoutch

Jill Mattesich-Udoutch

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


"Jill is a skilled and intuitive therapist who is committed to her own evolution as a woman and guide for others. She is the embodiment of the most important elements of a therapist: presence, compassion and empowerment. I highly recommend her and her work."

—Holly Holmes-Meredith, D. Min., MFT, Clinical Director HCH Institute

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